We create puppet/audience collisions that leave all parties breathless

We make art that does something – that is culturally vital, relevant and impacts on the world!

We are always a nuisance – poking fun, rebelling, kicking over the traces, infiltrating the mainstream and wielding its information against it, being irreverent, naughty, a goad; reflecting power/society disrespectfully, being a bull in the china shop on purpose, breaking taboos wherever we shall find them, being rude, vulgar, violent, sexy

We make compelling, accessible, contemporary, extraordinary works of theatre

We always make visceral, electric performances that affect audiences physically, breaking down the distance between audience and performer, creating another world that is not quite safe

We take our work out of the theatre and into the street, reclaiming public spaces for people and art

We explore the bond of complicity between audience and performer and see just how far we can push it

We uphold a social change agenda and prioritise opportunities that work to change society for the better

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