Ryan Williams

Ryan is a performer-composer, improviser, teacher and sound designer. Ryan’s passion for the recorder has led him on a journey full of cross-artform collaboration, engaging performance and exciting improvisation.

Ryan studied with Ruth Wilkinson (University of Melbourne), Genevieve Lacey (Australia), Natasha Anderson (Australia/Berlin) and Jorge Isaac (Conservatorium van Amsterdam). Between 2013-15 Ryan recorded and released four albums of original music which includes his first solo album, Wanderings.

Ryan’s major performances include the production of Venus & Adonis with Bell Shakespeare, Everybody with Snuff Puppets and his own work Life As It Should Be with the cross-artform ensemble Any Kind Of Creature (Amsterdam) performed at the Antwerp Fringe Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Between 2012-14 Ryan was the Artistic Director of the Robert Exiner Recorder Festival in which he designed and implemented recorder workshops in schools as well as produced new performance works.