Snuff Lovers Donation - tax deductible

Donate to Snuff Puppets and become a Snuff Lover!

Snuff Lovers has three tiers:

$1+ Snuff Buffs: Join the Snuff Lovers email list and enjoy early access to news and new Snuff videos.
$100+ Snuff Nuts: Your name painted inside the giant Snuff Lovers heART forever!

$1,000 Snuff Gods: Adoption of a Snuff Puppet for life.  Please visit to choose your puppet and become a God.

Snuff Lovers Donation - tax deductible



All Snuff Lovers join the Snuff Lovers E-mail List with early access to videos, show invites & news. Only a few emails are sent per year & unsubscribing is easy. A thank you will be published on our website. To keep donations anonymous please email

Snuff Puppets is a not-for-profit registered charity with tax Deductible Gift Recipient status, endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office.

For more information please visit Snuff Lovers


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