koala puppetExquisite and tender, brutal and horrific: a call to engage life fully with all its contradictions and beauty, eXtinction is Snuff Puppets’ newest work currently in final stages of creative development and seeking to premiere in 2020. 

Inspired by the acclaimed book The Garden of Sorrows by John Hughes and Marco Luccio, Snuff Puppets’ evolution of the books fables celebrates with dark humour and poetic theatricality the unique physical nature of our native animals and their mortal dissolution. 

Staged within a panoramic hyperreal audio- visual environment, combined with Snuff Puppets distinctive handmade aesthetic and evocative soundscape, the work moves through discrete stories, each focusing on an individual Australian animal. Featuring the Magpie narrator, a murderous Mosquito, the Last Koala, a celestial Frill Neck Lizard, a virtuosic Lyrebird, a lovelorn Thylacine and an Ouroboros played by a Red Belly Black Snake. The darkly comic tragedy of violent transformation reveals each of the animals inevitable fate reflecting the current world they live in, the human made world of the Anthropocene and of the sixth mass extinction. 

This work is envisaged as a touring show with 4 performers and 2 technicians, staged within a black box theatre setting or adapted to site- specific indoor and outdoor spaces.