Arka Agathe in Poland!

Arka Agathe – Giant puppet workshop and a series of performances at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Maritime Station.

Artists from Germany (Stefanie Oberhoff, Anne Brüssau, Johannes Werner), Australia (Andy Freer/Snuff Puppets), Congo (Christian Kipoke) and Poland (Patryk Pufelski) as well as an international team of volunteers are working on the project with the residents of Gdynia, with particular emphasis on immigrant and refugee communities.


Arka Agathe:
6pm Saturday 9 December 2023
Museum of Emigration
Polska 1, 81-339 Gdynia, Poland

Agathe’s story

Agathe’s Ark is a story about a girl from Congo who, after a long wandering across many seas and continents, arrives at the port of Gdynia on her ship-ark. She is accompanied by lost animals, deprived of their own place on earth, which for various reasons had to leave their homes:

– Doves of peace who failed to achieve their mission,
– Blue crabs kidnapped by ships,
– The hippopotamus of Kinshasa that does not respect human boundaries,
– A Mouse who joined Agathe in one of the European ports,
– various species of the strangest Lizards and many, many more.
In Gdynia, together with Agathe, they will try to build their lives anew.

They will get to know the city and its people, look for a good place for themselves, build their everyday life, and their home. Will everyone make it? Will they stay here longer, maybe forever, or will they move on? Will they be met with openness and care? Will they feel safe here?

A continuation of this story will be created in Gdynia with the participation of residents, especially those who have similar migration experiences. The main tool for telling it will be a theater of large-format puppets in public space.

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