Snuff Puppets Board

Snuff board zoom meeting screenshoot

Dave Roper – Chair
Dave is a director of construction workshop Supa Dupa Industries and vinyl record pressing co Program Records. His background is in design and manufacturing and in previous lives started & managed Minuteman Messengers and Crumpler.

Annie Hariharan – Treasurer
Annie has a degree in Accounting and is a business consultant with PwC Australia.  She is also a pop culture nerd and occasional feature writer, focused on movie or TV reviews and food history.

Janis Lacey – Secretary
Janis is an Industrial Designer specialising in designing and delivering textile-based goods. After graduating from Melbourne’s Swinburne University, Janis went on to join Crumpler, and eventually, lead the company’s design team for the better part of six years. He has since gone on to co-found Soft Serve Studio, a soft goods design consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

Alex Cleary
Director at Melbourne fashion label ALPHA60. Alex had a brief stint as an Aeronautical Engineer before starting fashion label ALPHA60 with his sister in 2005. Alpha60 have12 stores across Australia and New Zealand and continue to work on collaborations with MONA, NGV and the NGA. Alex collects glass and likes chickens.

Erin Farley
Erin has a background in communications and campaigning and has worked for a range of non-government organisations and unions including Greenpeace, Oxfam and with the International MetalWorkers Foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2010 Erin was the senior media adviser for Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and now works for the Yarra Energy Foundation.

Kelly Farrow
Kelly is a lawyer and adviser in Policy and Government Relations at the University of Melbourne. She has formally worked as Director at the Centre for Policy Development and as a senior adviser in the Federal Parliament to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and former Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown. Kelly started her career at Victoria Legal Aid as a public defender and has also worked widely in the public sector (Victorian and Commonwealth). Kelly has qualifications from the University of Cambridge, Australian National University and the University of Melbourne. She founded and ran an independent theatre company in Melbourne for seven years, White Whale Theatre, with regular successful seasons in Melbourne and a three-week tour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2004.

Daniell Flood
Daniell’s background is in experimental filmmaking, graffiti, and political activism, they began working with Snuff Puppets in 1993. Daniell has puppeteered with the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular,  DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, Sanctum Theatre, A Blanck Canvas, Balooga, The Creature Technology Company, Polyglot Theatre, and Theatre of Hell.

Andy Freer 
Andy is the founder and CEO, Artistic Director, creator, writer, designer, director, puppet-maker, puppeteer and performer at Snuff Puppets. He began making giant puppets in 1988 with Splinters Inc, co-founding Snuff Puppets in 1992. Andy has showcased the Snuff Puppets repertoire of productions, workshops and collaborations to more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and at home in Oceania.