The Butchers Snuff Party

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Let’s transform the world together! 


* CUT corporate corruption of democracyPeople’s Assemblies will lead us! 
* CUT billionaire hoarding & fund Universal Basic Income for everyone!
* CUT the World Bank, IMF, WTO & forgive Third World Debts!
* CUT government car fleets & replace with bikes & umbrellas!
* CUT the meat industry, protein from plants and insects only!
* CUT the defence budget and give it all to the Arts!
* CUT cutting trees and give trees the vote!
* CUT lying Murdocks and greedy Rinehart!
* CUT pokie machines out of poor suburbs!
* CUT killing of Arabs in oil rich nations!
*CUT self-censorship in the arts!
* CUT hetro normal propaganda!
* CUT and ban royal visits!


Written and authorised by Granny & Mr Fool, 395 Barkly St Footscray