About Snuff Puppets

Snuff Puppets from Melbourne, Australia is a big, brute and anarchic puppet troupe for everybody. Unashamedly hand-made and experimental in a world fixated on perfection and mass-production, Snuff Puppets make visceral performance that breaks down the distance between audience and performer.

Since 1992, Snuff Puppets have been unleashing their giant puppet spectacles on millions of people worldwide. They have travelled to dozens of countries across 5 continents and created more than 25 new works in partnership with communities through their People’s Puppet Projects.

At the heart of our work are giant, dancing, grotesque puppets and the striking way they are brought to life. Snuff Puppets are truly dedicated to the art form of puppetry. Never just theatre, our work is a fusion of visual art, sculpture, design, pyrotechnics, engineering, sound composition, sound effects, movement, performance art, choreography and extreme sports.

We offer giant puppet roaming acts, community workshops, puppet performance master classes and main-stage shows in indoor and outdoor spaces. Most are suitable for families; we also create works for adult-only audiences.

“The Footscray-based company are a welcome antidote to the sanitised Disney character, celebrating the abject, the scatological and the perverse.” – The Age

Snuff Puppets family protrait

Snuff Puppets family portrait


Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1992, Snuff Puppets have produced:

  • 25 international tours to over 25 countries including Taiwan, Denmark, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Sweden, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, UK, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand, Chile and India
  • 25 national tours across all Australian states
  • 800 roaming performances
  • 50 People’s Puppet Project workshops for over 2500 participants
  • 13 main-stage shows with over 200 performances
  • Employed over 200 people as creators and performers, technicians and arts administrators
  • Created over 2000 giant puppets

Snuff Puppets is proud to be a part of Arts West, a unique alliance of arts organisations who reflect the exciting, vibrant and diverse arts and culture thriving in Melbourne’s inner west.

Snuff Puppets gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organisations who assist us with bringing our art to fruition.



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