Snuff Puppets

Snuff Puppets is a community of Melbourne-based artists, artisans and performers dedicated to the art and craft of giant puppet making and the theatre of puppetry.

Since 1992, Snuff Puppets has been unleashing its giant puppet spectacles on millions of people worldwide. Our work is a collision of visual art, sculpture, design, engineering, sound, movement, performance and physical theatre. At the heart is our giant puppets – sometimes gorgeous; sometimes grotesque – and the unpredictable ways they are brought to life.

From our home in Footscray’s Drill Hall, in Melbourne’s inner western suburbs, our artists and our works regularly travel to dozens of countries across five continents. Our People’s Puppet Projects have created more than 25 new works in partnership with communities worldwide.

We specialise in performing for free audiences and non-traditional arts audiences; reclaiming streets and public spaces for creativity, art and humans.

We collaborate with communities to create giant puppet roaming acts, community workshops, puppet performance masterclasses and main-stage shows, often in reclaimed public indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our stages are the streets, parks, towns and villages that our audiences worldwide call home. We work with them to produce and perform our work, challenging and delighting audiences of all ages.

Snuff Puppets are deliberately anarchic, rebellious and dangerous. Our work tackles difficult, awkward and taboo topics that challenge our audiences with irreverence; simultaneously causing discomfort and delight. We deliver visceral, electric performances that blur the traditional lines between audience and performer; creating other worlds that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and, at times, unsafe and scary.

Snuff Puppets’ aesthetic and our approach to theatre-making are unique: the audience for our work has been invented simultaneously with the work itself. Snuff Puppets’ lo-fi, spontaneous, collaborative, devised, quick, experimental approach inspires creativity and allows us to leave behind the legacy of our art form and our approach in remote, off-the-beaten-track destinations globally. Snuff Puppets are ambassadors for a distinctive and recognisable Australian culture.

“The Footscray-based company are a welcome antidote to the sanitised Disney character, celebrating the abject, the scatological and the perverse.” – The Age


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Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1992, Snuff Puppets have created:

  • 2000+ giant puppets
  • 13 main-stage shows with 200+ performances
  • 800+ roaming performances
  • 50+ People’s Puppet Project workshops with 2500+ participants
  • 25+ national tours across all Australian states
  • 25+ international tours to; Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, People’s Republic of China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Peru, Portugal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom
  • Viral videos with millions of views on YouTube and social media
  • Employed over 200 people as creators and performers, technicians and arts administrators


Snuff Puppets is part of Arts West – an alliance of arts organisations in Melbourne’s inner west.

Snuff Puppets is supported by Creative Victoria, City of Maribyrnong & Snuff Lovers


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