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“The Footscray-based company are a welcome antidote to the sanitised Disney character, celebrating the abject, the scatological and the perverse.” – The Age


Since 1992, Snuff Puppets has been unleashing its giant puppet spectacles on millions of people worldwide. 

Our work is a collision of visual art, sculpture, design, engineering, music, movement, performance and physical theatre. At the heart of it is our giant puppets – sometimes gorgeous; sometimes grotesque – and the unpredictable ways they are brought to life.

We specialise in non-traditional arts audiences, and in creatively reclaiming streets and public spaces. Snuff Puppets are deliberately anarchic, rebellious and dangerous.

Our work tackles difficult, awkward and taboo topics that invite our audiences to challenge themselves, simultaneously causing discomfort and delight.

We are renowned for our dramatic use of scale, from the world’s largest puppet, Everybody, to the towering, crane-operated Congolese superheroine Punch Agathe.

From our home in Footscray we have taken our work to dozens of countries across five continents, from the streets of Kinshasa in the DRC to the small islands of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, and from the Sao Paulo CBD to the forecourt of the Reichstag in Berlin.

We’ve performed at countless international festivals including the London Night Parade, Sziget in Hungary, and Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Japan, as well as closer to home at the Big Day Out, and the Darwin, Melbourne and Castlemaine State Festivals.

We practice radical inclusivity and an open-door policy, an antidote to the elitism of the art world. We bring positive measurable change to collaborators, participants and communities.

We strive to energise, inspire and embolden all who encounter us, from our broad networks of artists to our legions of global fans.

Our work celebrates difference while seeking out the things we have in common.

Our ambitious People’s Puppet Project workshop model has been presented in China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Denmark and Netherlands, and we’ve headed up large scale events and diplomatic missions supported by DFAT, whilst always retaining our ethos of radical provocation and irreverent humour.

With 30 years of performance history, and clocking over 100 million YouTube views in one year, Snuff Puppets are a much-loved company with a devoted global following, representing a distinctive and recognisable Australian voice.



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Snuff Puppets have reached millions of people:

• Over 2 million audiences to our performances

• Engaged more than 3,000 community participants in artistic creation Snuff Puppets have presented a huge body of work

• Over 250 major show performances

• 800 Roaming performances

• 26 National tours across all Australian states

• 50 People’s Puppet Projects workshops around the world

• Snuff Puppets have produced 37 international tours
to 29 countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Democratic Republic of the Congo, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, People’s Republic of China, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan & Thailand

• With 600,000+ online subscribers

• 300 million views on our award-winning YouTube channel


Snuff Puppets have worked with 1,000+ artists across a diverse range of artforms, locally, nationally, and internationally

• Puppeteers

• Performers

• Circus performers

• Cabaret artists

• Contemporary and traditional dancers

• Composers, musicians, digital sound artists, singers

• Puppet builders, visual artists, illustrators, set designers and builders, costume and fashion designers

• Filmmakers and projection artists

• Traditional artforms including Wayang Kulit (Indonesian shadow puppetry), Dalang (Priest-musician-storyteller), Taiko drummers, Shamanistic ceremonial ritual, Indonesian maskmakers, drag, folk dancers and singers and South American carnivale puppet Makers

Snuff Puppets is a member of Arts West – an alliance of arts organisations in Melbourne’s inner west.

Snuff Puppets is supported by Creative VictoriaCity of Maribyrnong ,Crumpler & Snuff Lovers

Snuff Puppets is supported by