Snuff Puppets Cochlea

Step inside the Cochlea

COCHLEA, a 15-metre inflatable inner ear and performance-installation amplifying voices from the frontlines of gender.

Step inside the organ of listening and balance, an intimate space and symbol of our shared humanity.

COCHLEA creates an interactive spatial and audio installation that challenges the silencing of gender minorities by amplifying their voice, and in doing so, pushes against harmful stereotypes and cultural norms.


Saturday 30 September
12pm – 5pm

*Plus the Ear Bone puppets – malleus, incus, and stapes –  will come out: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm 

FREE entry



395 Barkly St Footscray VIC

7 minutes walk from West Footscray Station

Bike parking outside hall

Wheelchair accessible venue

love is listening

Voices:  Jo Clifford, Parminder Kaur, Niki Koutouzi, Josie Hess, Lily Longman, Claire Mulraney, Clara Roebuck, Ash Spittal, Kikki Temple 

Artistic Director, Designer, Builder: Nick Wilson

Resident Artist: OPAL

 Ro Bright

Pupppet Builders:
 Erin Hall, Daniele Poidomani, Liam Berg, Andy Freer, Caito Zacharias

Snuffest is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.
Cochlea was originally commissioned by Midsumma x Ignite Melbourne,  supported through the Melbourne City Revitalisation.