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woman with puppet headSnuff Puppets believe creativity is an essential human need. Your support, through each of our priorities below, will go toward fulfilling that need wherever we find it.

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It is only through the support of a range of individuals, community, philanthropic and government partners that Snuff Puppets can continue to develop, present and tour new Snuff Puppets works as well as continue to share skills and develop new works through our People’s Puppets Projects.

What you are supporting:

Snuff Lab, Artistic Development: Snuff Puppets delivers a broad artistic development program for individual artists and performers. This is important work for the future sustainability of not only our organisation but also the creative industry we are a part of. Snuff Puppets is a place for artists to grow, for ideas to evolve and for ambitious imagination to take flight.

New Work: Each new Snuff Puppets work involves the creation of a whole new world of puppets with their own rules, relationships and spirit. It takes a giant investment to create, build and breathe life in to every Snuff Puppet. Without the generous support of 100 Pozible supporters to fund the development of Everybody, we would never have created the world’s largest human puppet, which has now captivated the attention of millions worldwide.

People’s Puppets Project, Community Program: A core priority for Snuff Puppets is to share our skills, philosophy, creativity and experience with our community, locally and globally. Our commitment to this priority has been at the core of our programming for over two decades through our PPPs. Every year PPPs are central to our activities. We work with groups as diverse as young pacific islanders in Brimbank and an ageing rural farming population in Echigo-Tsumari Japan to bring Snuff creativity to unexpected places and watch its spirit of collaboration, transformation and story-telling do incredible things.



Snuff Puppets (ABN 188 490 615 73) is a registered charity with tax Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office. All donations of $2 and above are tax deductible. Donations can be made online via Give Now.

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Snuff Puppets’ corporate partners benefit from aligning with a strong, innovative and attention-grabbing brand that has held a unique position in the community for almost twenty-five years.

Contact our team to explore how a partnership with Snuff Puppets can be of benefit to your organisation.


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