Dancing Cow Show

A homely cowboy bring his life-sized cows onstage to entertain you with their synchronized line-dancing, in a performance reminiscent of a country fair.

However, half way through the show everything flips and the cowboy strips to reveal the mad Butcher in his bloodied apron and knife. Continuing their dance steps and synchronised dressage, the cows act out the sick demands of their owner.

Even when the cows are finally slaughtered with repeated knife wounds and bullets, their innards dance and seduce the butcher into a sexual frenzy.


Big Day Out, Australian Tour 2006
Welttheater Der Strabe, Schwerte Germany 2005
Gay Pride Amsterdam, Netherlands 2004 + 2005
Corner Hotel, Melbourne 2004
China Shanghai International Arts Festival 2002
Bath Puppet Festival, UK 2002
Daidogei World Cup, Shizuoka Japan 2001
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2000
Punters Club, Melbourne 2000


Original Creators: Andy Freer, Daniell Flood, Pauline Cady, Pete Humble, James Wilkinson, Amelia Barden, KT Prescott, Daniele Poidomani, Suzanna Kalk, Ian Pidd, Nick Barlow

Collaborators and Performers: Andy Freer, Daniell Flood, KT Prescott, Megan Cameron, Justin Holland, Matt Fowler, Nick Barlow, Rebecca Rutter, Daniele Poidomani, Sandra Ayesh, Dori Dragon Bicchierai