Beasts Of Oz

Beasts of Oz is our brand new roaming act!

** Beasts Of Oz roam Melbourne Docklands 15 Jan – 20 Feb 2022 **

Oversized and energized, the Beasts burst through the urban bubble with the bizarre beauty and charm of Australia’s untamed wilderness.

There are eight giant puppet characters:

A crafty Magpie; A bloodthirsty Mosquito; A dopey Koala; An egocentric Lyrebird (he thinks he’s the star of the show); A skittish Frilled-Neck Lizard (she’s as afraid of you as you are of her); A grand old Thylacine (the last one left alive).

And soon to join the troupe; a nasty hopping Cane Toad and a massive Red-Bellied Black Snake measuring 22 meters long!

“Snuff Puppets’ new Beasts Of Oz are wild. Don’t cuddle the Koala, it’s got giant claws!”  – Andy Freer, Snuff Puppets Artistic Director 

The Beasts come from our upcoming show SWAMP 

PHOTO gallery of the Beasts!

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For technical requirements, please download the Snuff Puppets Roaming Requirements PDF
This project is supported by the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative.


“It was so good! My kids haven’t stopped talking about it.”

- Beechworth audience feedback