WORKSHOP: Giant Puppets of A Hundred Eggs! 10-25 April 2021

100 Eggs

Giant Puppets of A Hundred Eggs

We have been conducting a People’s Puppet Project with the local Vietnamese community and now everyone is invited to see the giant puppets and show we created!

The show tells the story of Lạc Long Quân (Dragon King) and Âu Cơ (mountain fairy) falling in love and giving birth to 100 eggs which hatched 100 children known as the Bách Việt the original people of Vietnam.

Sat 10 April 10:30am – Be Bold Festival 2021, 33 Princess St, St Albans, Melbourne
Sat 24 April 10:45am – King Hung Vuong Ceremony, 90 Knight Ave, Nth Sunshine.
Sun 25 April 3:15pm – King Hung Vuong Festival, 330 Main Rd E, St Albans.

A People’s Puppet Project with the Vietnamese Community of Australia – Victorian Chapter