Become a Snuff Lover and support the heART of Snuff Puppets.

Join our inaugural fundraising campaign – help Snuff Puppets bring acts of radical optimism to the world!
$32,000+ has been raised by Snuff Lovers since its launch in August 2020! 
“Snuff Lovers is a new opportunity for our legacy to be recognised, celebrated, and built upon as we strive to push through these hostile times.“ – Artistic Director, Andy Freer
Join Snuff Lovers now with a choice of three tiers;
Snuff Buffs, Snuff Nuts, and Snuff Gods.

Buffs $5+

Become a Snuff Buff by donating over $5 and help unlock new Snuff videos for the world to see.

New videos will be released when the fundraising goals of $5k, $10k and $15k are reached.

Snuff Buffs receive:
• Early access to videos and news via the Snuff Lovers email list

• Thank you on the Snuff Puppets website and social media

Nuts $100+

Donate over $100 to become a Snuff Nut and get a personal message of love painted on the 8-meter tall blood-pumping Snuff Lovers heART.

The Snuff Lovers heART premiered at Melbourne Fringe 2020 and will be performed agian at special events.

Nuts are invited to send us a personal heartfelt message to be inscribed on the giant heart .

Snuff Nuts receive:
• Digital photo of your message and name on the Snuff Lovers heART

• Behind-the-scenes footage of heart's construction

Gods $1,000

Donate $1,000 to adopt a puppet from our 30-year history and become a Snuff God.

Your generous donation will help energize the troupe as we adapt thru the pandemic.

Snuff Gods receive:
• Gold-framed portrait of your adopted puppet (posted early December)

• Adoption Certificate signed by Granny and Mr Fool

• Your name hand-stitched inside your puppet

• Invitation to write a heartfelt message to be inscribed on the giant Snuff Lovers heART

• Behind-the-scenes footage of Heart's construction

All Snuff Buffs, Nuts and Gods can choose to join the Snuff Lovers E-mail List with early access to videos and news,  a thank you will be published on our website and social media. Donations can be anonymous.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Snuff Puppets is a registered charity with tax Deductible Gift Recipient status, endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office.
More info email:  Phone +61 3 9687 9133

Snuff Lovers was supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1.