Aidan ‘Jet’ Min

Jet (They/Them) is a multi-disciplinary POC artist working in Naarm (Melbourne) who continues to find new passions and projects through the variety of their work.

With 10 years of experience as a Puppeteer Jet has worked with a variety of companies in Australia including Snuff Puppets (since 2012), A Blanck Canvas (since 2019) , Erth Physical & visual (since 2019), Trash Puppets, The Puppet Smithery, Spare Parts Theatre and Sanctum Theatre. Specialising in suit work and giant puppetry during roving performances, thier experience enhances their natural ability to connect with the audience and quickly adapt to a changing environment. With experience on stage and in film; Jet works with a high level of communication between cast and crew. Having years of experience with a variety of puppets from small to large and even animatronic, allows them to be able to pick up a puppets essence and limits quickly so they can put more character into the performance. Through Trash Puppets Jet has also taken a teaching role leading incursion workshops and festival workshops making puppets.

Jet’s puppetry is supported by their experience and training in physical theater and dance. They studied Bouffon, Clowning and Commedia Del Arte from Giovanni Fussetti, informing their drag performances as drag jester Jet Stir and performances with Po Po Mo Co, The Brunswick East Entertainment Festival (BEEF) and The Real Hot Bitches Melbourne.

Having studied at Swinburne University, Jet holds an Upper 2nd class honours degree in Communication Design and an Advanced diploma in 3D animation and Digital Media from JMC Academy. Jet was also the recipient of a mentorship with ‘The People Of Cabaret’ and mentored under Comedian Annie Louey.


SHOWS: Everybody, Nyet Nyet’s Picnic, Wedhus Gembel, Swamp
ROAMING: Beasts Of Oz, Bunyips, Cows, Human Body Parts