Caito Zacharias

Photo of Caito Zacharias sitting on a white fence with green plants in backgroundThere was once a lil’guy named Caitey potatey, she is greek, and a lady, and queer too, who trained at John Bolton Theatre School and Federation University, so that’s cool and makes you want to see her perspective doesn’t it!

Being a physical performer, who loves to dabble in drag,Caito does really good art, performing as the comedic disheveled Sheep in Swamp and the lurking Fishlak in Hellmouth for Golden Scissor Puppets.

Caito recently toured with the Snuff Seagulls to Singapore for their Flipside Festival 2023.

Sometimes when she’s not holding and forming the minds of the population through her art she is a big strong Lifeguard!

Kind, compassionate and here for a brief blip, Caito Zacharias makes being silly look easy!!!!