Daniele Poidomani

One night, after a beer, Andy set up to paint a crazy 14mt long rolling backdrop. I offered him a hand, we started late at night and stopped two days later! It was 1998, I’d just arrived in Australia and Snuff Puppets gave me the chance to build [myself] a family. That was the Boom Family and it came with a full herd of 6 Cows a Bull and 2 calves.

Alongside my main role as designer, builder and giant puppet performer I contribute to the company also as roaming shows’ director, PPP’s artistic director, production manager and tour manager. Building new puppets and progressively developing designs and techniques with Andy for the past 15 years I was also member of the original team that developed the People’s Puppet Projects format making Snuff’s performance style and giant puppets spawn around the globe.

Main puppets designed, co-designed and built:
Boom Family, The Cows, Kareem the Elephant, The Snail, The Seagulls, Bungee Bungee, Yaroma, The Hand and Human Body Parts
SHOWS: Forest in The Night, Scarey, Circus Ole, Nyet Nyet’s Picnic, Skulls, Cows, Butcher, Boom Family, Seagulls, Bunyips, Snail, Kareem, Snuff Clubb
WORKSHOPS: Taipei, Yilan, HiSeoul, Thailand, Aarhus, Whyalla + all before Indonesia’s Wedhus Gembel (except Osaka 1999)