Daniele Poidomani


Daniele Poidomani is one of Australia’s leading giant puppet artists. He is versatile and ambitious with skills spanning design, construction, performance, facilitation, and direction.

Founder of Memetica, Daniele has created many giant puppets shows in Australia and overseas as well as led many giant puppets making projects, culminating in large-scale performances, and involving broad community participation. Some of his most recent works include The Reeflings (Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne 2021), The Naming (Tablelands Folk Festival. Yungaburra, 2019), The Katumayan Elders (TECLAF, Taiwan 2019), Bear with Us (Macau Fringe Festival, Macau 2018), and Street Skeeters (DSR Festival 2018, Melbourne).

Daniele has been an integral collaborator on Woodford Folk Festival’s and its Fire Event for the last 7 editions with his giant creations Viktor, Astrid & Naut, The Elders, and the Monsters. Renown for work with Snuff Puppets since 1998, Daniele has also led many of the company’s international People Puppet Projects, most recently in China (Xi’an international Art Festival 2018), Taiwan (Weiwuying Children Festival, 2017), Malaysia (George Town Festival, 2016) and South Korea (Hi-Seoul Festival, 2014).

Main puppets designed, co-designed and built:
Boom Family, The Cows, Kareem the Elephant, The Snail, The Seagulls, Bungee Bungee, Yaroma, The Hand & Human Body Parts

SHOWS: Forest in The Night, Scarey, Circus Ole, Nyet Nyet’s Picnic, Skulls, Cows, Butcher, Boom Family, Seagulls, Bunyips, Snail, Kareem, Snuff Clubb
WORKSHOPS: Aarhus, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Netherlands, Taipei, Thailand, Xi’an, Yilan & Whyalla