KT Prescott

KT has a few different hats she loves to get about in. She began driving down a dirt road into the visual arts, took a sharp left into the visceral and nitty gritty side street of theatre and giant puppets, and then got lost and found herself in a cul-de-sac at The Tiny Top Sideshow. Nowadays she can be found speeding along in fifth gear up an endless highway of visual arts, performance, film and theatre, often combining them in a feat of dexterity.

KT was first enticed into the world of Snuff Puppets by the lure of $40 to come and “get in a puppet” at Wangaratta Jazz Festival in 1992. In a tight uncomfortable Baby puppet, she ran from A to B pretty much blind and confused. She then decided this could be a suitable career to pursue. KT has roamed the roads, dispersed crowded streets and graced theatres all around Australia, the Asian continent and The World. She has been in pretty much every show created since 1997, claiming fame to such things as the Original Guts and the Original cow and the ONLY performer to have played the coveted Doughman role from Forest in The Night. Highlights include performing as a dancing rigamortis corpse, a potato rotting into compost, licking a puppet ice cream, playing an emu lady, the cleaning Mambo scene in Snuff Clubb , dying a horrible death as a colonial English captain, …and recently…an active Vagina in Everybody.
These days she is often introduced as “one of the oldest surviving members” to the newcomers, by the actual oldest surviving founding member, Andy Freer.