Lachlan Plain

Lachlan Plain


Since childhood Lachlan has lived in other worlds, on different plains, navigating them via several mediums – performance, painting and the written word. 

Lachlan won the 2012 Impress Prize for The Lost Journals of Pedro Piscator and other Tales, an eclectic illustrated collection of tall tales published by Impress Books. He has also taken part in several solo and group exhibitions; as well as creating street art, public art and community art for business, government and community-based clients, most notably Life on Planet Daisyworld (2015), a 30 x 10m street art mural in Fitzroy.

Lachlan is artistic director of Sanctum Studio. Sanctum Studio is a lens through which monstrous apparitions are made manifest, tearing fissures in the fabric of monotony. Its work has been described as, ‘forg[ing] a dark and surreal dystopia, packed with visual surprises,’ (The Age 2018).

Sanctum Theatre’s most recent productions include two collaborations with Little Projector Company: Trail of Lights (2019) and LANIMALS (2020); two collaborations with Magic Lantern Studio: The Man Who Cannot Sleep (White Night 2018) and Life is a Carousel (Green Room Award 2017); a collaboration with Fusion Theatre: The Beginning of Everything (2019).

Past works include Sanctum Theatre’s Cabinet of Antiquated Recording Devices (2012), the ferryman and his wife (American Independent Film Festival & Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2010), Zero Projects 2009, The Plains: a play (2008), Silent Revolution (2007), lament: candles & compost (2006).

Lachlan also works for Snuff Puppets, an anarchic giant puppet company, performing in their shows and directing their People Puppet Projects in Australia, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil and Chile.

SHOWS: Snuff Party, Everybody, Swamp
ROAMING: Human Body Parts, Beasts of Oz, Seagulls, Bunyips, The Boom Family, Cows, Butcher, Skullies, Snail
WORKSHOPS: Australia, South Korea, Thailand