Nick Barlow


Nick has made and performed with Snuff Puppets on and off since 2001, including tours all over Australia and The World. Nick was born from a puppet covered in goop in Bath, was slaughtered as a cow in streets of Shanghai and Lisbon, summersaulted through a hoop as the loveable little circus dog Laurant and transformed from an egg to a chicken everywhere from Woodford to Seoul.  More recently Nick helped design puppets for Swamp, and crawled around Wangaratta as a giant baby.

Nick is a multidisciplinary artist who has also worked as a performer with Polyglot Theatre, Peepshow Inc, A Blanck Canvas, Melinda Hetzel & Co., Sarah Austin, The Australian Ballet Company, Cirque Du Soleil and was puppeteer on ‘War Horse’ for the Australian tour.

Under the name Niow, Nick has created and performed theatre including live-action puppet video game ‘You Are Me’ for Melbourne Fringe, durational performance ‘Conservatory’ for Glow Festival and aerial dance work ‘Phoenix’ for War-Rak Banksia Festival La Mama.

SHOWS: The Water Show, Dancing Cow Show, Forest in the Night, Scarey, Nyet Nyet’s Picnic, Snuff Club, Circus Olé, Swamp
ROAMING: The Boom Family, Cows, Seagulls, Skullies, Rhino, Snail, Human Body Parts and Beast Of Oz
WORKSHOPS: Australia, Netherlands, Taipei and Hong Kong