Adopt Granny and Mr Fool

Our oldest puppets, Granny and Mr. Fool are the beloved matriarch and doomed patriarch of the Snuff Puppets universe. Both initially built for Scarey way back in 1988, Mr. Fool is a trombone-voiced god of human invention, while Granny gave birth to the entire human cast.


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Adopt Granny and Mr Fool



Included with your generous adoption:

• Gold-framed portrait of your adopted puppet

• Adoption Certificate valid till December 2021, signed by Granny and Mr. Fool

• Your name hand-stitched inside your puppet

• Invitation to write a heartfelt message to be inscribed on the Snuff Lovers’ Heart

• Early access to Snuff videos and news via the Snuff Lovers email list

• Thank You on the Snuff Puppets website and social media