Punch Agathe in Osnabrück. 23 April 2023

Punch Agathe, the tallest clown in the world, the sixteen meter high mother of all troublemakers, comes to Osnabrück town hall with an international entourage. With Snuff Puppets, Stefanie Oberhoff, Fizzyfingers and more artists…

On her way to the city of peace, she stole the 10-metre-long sword from the Hermannsmemorial in the Teutoburg Forest in order to dismantle it with relish – as a sign of peace – with the citizens of Osnabrück on April 23 (1 p.m.) in front of the Town Hall of the Peace of Westphalia .

Together with Punch Agathe, the figure theater in Osnabrück is bringing together a large number of international artists in Osnabrück to set an example in the run-up to the ceremony marking the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia.

Rathausplatz, Osnabrück, Germany

13hr, Sunday 23 April 2023

More info: punchagathe.com