Snuff Puppets are building new puppets!


We need your help.

Snuff Puppets are building new puppets for our new main stage show, The Garden of Sorrows. Giant puppets are at the core of our work and each new Snuff Puppets work involves the creation of a whole new world of puppets with their own rules, relationships and spirit. It takes a giant investment to create, build and breathe life in to every Snuff Puppet.

In this new work, Snuff Puppets are working with writer, John Hughes and artist, Marco Luccio to bring to life the darkly beautiful and haunting fables from their critically acclaimed book, The Garden of Sorrows. The book features fourteen fables in which iconic Australian animals take on human qualities. These fables cast us back to the flux at the beginning of the world; a kingdom of animal warriors, poets, healers and thieves. Don’t be surprised to see a giant Thylacine, Kangaroo, Emu or Goanna roaming a street near you.

How you can help?

1. Vote for our idea to receive a Gellibrand Stronger Communities Grant to build new giant puppets.

2. Tell everyone you know you voted for us and that you think they should too.

3. Become a supporter of Snuff Puppets through a tax deductible donation.

4. Download Shopnate to your browser and let retailers give on your behalf every time you shop online.

Thank you, friends!