Snuff Labb Transsocial workshop callout

WE want YOU the ARTIST to come and experiment with us. 

WE want your artistic brain, your expressive body, your open heart and your curious mind.

SNUFF LABB is about throwing together art forms, viewpoints, people and impossible ideas, stepping aside and seeing what emerges.

TRANSSOCIAL is with longtime Snuff Puppet artists, Rebecca Rutter of Fizzy Fingers and Nick Wilson of Sound Fossil who will lead us in construction, performance, music, ritual and ceremony culminating a big fuck off party and show off.

JOIN US to collaborate and create solo and group performances for Snuff Party at Due West Festival, and One Night In Footscray.

Snuff Labb is a creative laboratory for research and training where grand theatrical experiments with puppets, humans, artists, art forms, ideas, fantasies and obsessions collide and new possibilities manifest; where fresh pathways are discovered and free expression flows. The theme for Snuff Labb 2019 was TRANSFORM, with 3 workshops series throughout the year, TRANSGLOBAL, TRANSMORPH and now TRANSSOCIAL.

Workshop Dates
Sunday 3rd November 2019:  10am-6pm
Sunday 10th November: 10am-6pm
Wednesday 13th November: 10am – 5pm flexible workshop time, 5pm – 10pm rehearsal
Thursday 14th November: 10am – 5pm flexible workshop time, 5pm – 10pm rehearsal
Friday 15th November: 10am – 5pm flexible workshop time, 5pm – 10pm rehearsal
Saturday 16th November: 3pm – 11pm tech, dress and Snuff Party

Performance Times
Snuff Party: 8pm – 10pm Saturday 16 November
One Night in Footscray: 5:30pm – 8.30pm Friday 22 November

Snuff Puppets HQ, The Drill Hall, 395 Barkly St, Footscray VIC 3011

About Rebecca Rutter + Fizzy Fingers
Acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist Rebecca Rutter, founded her alternative fashion and event company Fizzy Fingers in Melbourne, Australia in 2008. Fizzy Fingers blur the lines between costume, fashion, sculpture and textile art, creating a distinctive signature style that is all their own. Inspired by epic dreamscapes and nightmarish creatures, clandestine ritual and elaborate ceremony, and an insatiable appetite for global travel, Fizzy Fingers create surreal and psychedelic one-off fashion-costume pieces. 

Fizzy Fingers also curate unique theatrical events and design opulent and magical festival spaces and venues. The company has worked and designed at festivals, wild spaces, theatres, parties, weddings and performances all over the world, including: Day Of The Dead (Mexico), Secret Garden Party (UK), Fusion Festival (Germany), Burning Man Festival (US), Macau (China), Expo Bicentenario Guanajuato (Mexico) and Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia). Fizzy Fingers has launched two fashion collections and staged numerous catwalk shows in Australia. Their work taps into our innate need for ceremony and self-expression. They create iridescent costume and art to celebrate the exterior and illuminate the interior; their work is like a portal between worlds, a treasure map to the mysteries and depths of our own existence as individuals and as a collective.

About Nick Wilson

Nick is a giant puppet designer/builder, arts facilitator, performer and musician, who has been working with Snuff Puppets since 2006. His work mixes story, spectacle and engineering with an interest in myth, history, community and the natural world. He’s built and performed countless Snuff Puppets including Albrecht the Rhinoceros and Asta the Giant Freshwater Lobster, and led PPP workshops in Japan, Taiwan, India, Denmark and regional Australia. He’s composed a string of theatrical soundtracks for The Laudanum Project, Think Blink Theatre, We Are Nothing, and Marcel Luconte, as well as designing experimental acoustic instruments for Punch Agathe and Mechanical Variety Hour. His debut solo record is due for release in early 2020.

How to apply
Please complete THIS FORM with your info, availability and artistic practice by 5pm Friday 18th October. Places are limited. Any further enquiries or questions please contact Lauren Bok, Producer

Snuff Labb 2017-2020 is funded by the Ian Potter Foundation.