Snuff Puppets in Holland

The life-size herd of Cows goes on the rampage: grazing on pot-plants, eating people’s hats, nuzzling children and occasionally getting spooked by passing traffic. Don’t stand too close behind them – you might get sprayed with wee!!

Hot on their heels is The Butcher who tries in vain to round them all up, an exercise in futility and craziness, as the Cows go where no real cows would ever dare.

The Cows were originally created in 1998 and have stomped all over the world ever since.

Select Tour History:

Heide Summer Festival, 2021
Taoyuan Agricultural Expo, Taiwan, 2017
Stop Alpine Grazing Rally, 2011
Stringy Bark Festival, 2006
Deniliquin Ute Muster, 2006
Adelaide Fringe, 2006
Big Day Out, national tour, 2006
2 month Europe tour, 2005
WOMADelaide, 2005
2 month Europe tour, 2004
Hong Kong Arts Festival, 2004
Disability Day, Braybrook Community Art Centre, 2003
Deakin University, 2003
3 month tour of Europe, 2003
RMIT University, 2003
Bath International Puppetry Festival, UK, 2002
Moomba Parade, 2000
Taste of Tasmania Summer Festival, Hobart, 1999
Boomtown, Geelong, 1998


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For technical requirements, please download the Snuff-Puppets-Roaming-Requirements PDF