Snuff Puppets Everybody


Everybody is the world’s largest human puppet, measuring 26 meters and representing the stages of human life.

It is all genders and multi-racial, made up of articulated and detachable body parts and organs.

The show is a 90-minute immersive experience in 4 acts: Everybody’s Born, Everybody Cries, Everybody Shits, Everybody Dies.

The puppet lies down indoors, outdoors, and in public spaces, allowing audiences to interact with it.

The show begins with the puppet’s death, followed by a journey through life stages performed by its independent body parts and organs.

The puppet is made up of various body parts, including a Mouth, Eye, Foot, Nose, Brain, Genitals and Heart, among others, as well as guests Pig & Brick.

“Hysterical yet debauched celebration of the human body.”
– ArtsHub

Everybody in The Sun

The Everybody video is a viral sensation with millions of views worldwide.

Show History

Virada Cultural – São Paulo, Brazil, 2016
SummerSalt  Festival – Melbourne, 2015
Testing Grounds – Melbourne, 2014 (Development)