Human Body Parts

Human Body Parts – Celebrating Everybody 

The Human Body Parts roaming puppets travel in a pack but have minds of their own…

A big Foot stomps on all in its path while a friendly Hand hugs everyone. A 6ft tall Eye watches all, as an Ear, as big as a door, hops down the street! A giant Mouth’s tongue licks everything as a snotty Nose tries to keep up!

Adults and children alike ‘go crazy’ for the weirdness of the disembodied body parts floating down the street – Andy Freer, Snuff Puppets Artistic Director

“In an age defined by digital spectacle, there is a renewed sense of wonder in these handcrafted illusions” – The Age

To help save on international freight and carbon costs the Human Body Parts puppets are now stored in Germany as we seek European Summer 2023 bookings!

Human Body Parts –  Touring History

Global Melting Days – Stuttgart, Germany
Figura Theaterfestival – Baden, Switzerland – PHOTOS
Midsummer Festival – Melbourne, Australia – PHOTOS

Cabin Fever – Youtube viral video with 3 million views
Craigieburn Festival – Melbourne, Australia

Everybody Isolates – Youtube viral video with 100 million+ views

Provocaré Festival – Melbourne, Australia
Queenscliff Music Festival – Victoria, Australia
Commonwealth Games – Queensland, Australia
Lonsdale St Greek Fest – Melbourne, Australia

Summer Festival of Cultures, Stuttgart
‘The Tunnel’ with Stefanie Oberhoff, Stuttgart – VIDEO
Internationales Straßentheaterfestival Ludwigshafen – Germany
Olala Festival – Lienz, Austria
Sziget Festival – Budapest, Hungary Tollwood Summer Festival – Munich Greenwich+Docklands International Festival – London, UK  – VIDEO
West Kowloon Cultural District – Hong Kong

Berlin Performing Arts Festival – Germany
Sommer Festival – Stuttgart, Germany Fremantle Street Arts Festival – Perth, Australia

Children’s Book Festival – Melbourne, Australia
Laneway Festival – Melbourne, Australia
Murray Art Museum Albury – NSW, Australia
SG50 – Singapore

Bio Expo – Cheongju, Korea
B-Fit Festival, Bucharest, Romania

Santiago A Mil Festival – Chili Hoopla Festival – Sydney

Aarhus Festuge – Denmark
Queen Street Mall – Brisbane, Australia
Gwacheon Festival – Seoul, Korea
Victorian Arts Center – Melbourne, Australia
Hi Seoul Festival – Korea
Malmo Festival – Sweden

Big West Festival – Melbourne, Australia
Fed Square – Melbourne, Australia 


To book a Snuff Puppets roaming act please enquire at with your prospective dates and the act you’re interested in.

For technical requirements, please download the Snuff Puppets Roaming Requirements PDF