Nyet Nyet’s Picnic

Nyet Nyet’s Picnic was created in a collaboration with a team of first nations artists and Snuff Puppets.

The world of bunyips was brought to life with huge puppets and original live music.

Bunyips live in creeks, riverbeds, waterholes and swamps, emerging to terrify and sometimes devour animals and humans. Bunyips are creatures from Australian Indigenous mythology, servers of important warning from the land.

The show premiered at the City of Melbourne’s Reconciliation Week on the banks of the Yarra River in 2005.

Puppets from Nyet Nyet’s Picnic were also presented as a roaming act ~ Bunyips.


Assitej Festival, South Australia 2008
Castlemaine State Festival, Castlemaine 2007
Nyet Nyet’s Picnic – School Workshops, Big West Festival 2005
City of Melbourne Reconciliation Week, 2005
Nyet Nyets Picnic – Parade, Moomba Festival, Melbourne 2003


Original Creators: John Harding, Andy Freer, Earl Rosas, James Wilkinson, Ian Pidd, Nick Barlow, Daniele Piodomani, Ben Fox, Katrina Gaskell, Suzanne Kalk, Daniell Flood

Collaborators and Performers: Nick Barlow, Tony Briggs, Corleen Cooper, Jania Charles, Gary Donnelly, Dennis Fisher, Daniell Flood, Jason Jai, KT Prescott, Earl Rosas, PJ Rosas, Naretha Williams, Robbie Avenaim, Carolyn Briggs, John Harding, Wal Saunders, Dori Dragon Bicchierai