Punch Agathe by Snuff Puppets

Punch Agathe: A Transglobal Superheroine

Punch Agathe is an ongoing collaboration with ESPACE MASOLO artists from Kinshasa, Stefanie Oberhoff from Stuttgart, Snuff Puppets, and artists worldwide.

Born in Melbourne, raised in the Congo, died in Germany, and reborn into the Universe, Punch Agathe is a transglobal superheroine with a global story.

In 2017, Punch Agathe was first performed at Espace Masolo in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, as part of a People’s Puppet Project.

Espace Masolo is an arts center for x street children and runs many projects including the Fanfare Masolo brass band.

Punch Agathe is also a computer game with an AI brain and a citizen of the Republic of Uzupis. 

Explore Punch Agathe’s ongoing journey at punchagathe.com 

Espace Masolo is a sanctuary for x homeless children in Kinshasa and has being running for 20 years. Offering a safe place to gain skills in puppetry, figurine making, theatre, music, tailoring, painting, metalwork, and carpentry.

Espace Masolo is a neighbourhood centre, venue, production site and site of international collaborations.

Please consider a making a donation to Espace Masolo.

Funds are for buildings, including a school, a theater for puppets shows and the brass band. Studio space for crafts, tailoring, wind instrument workshop, kitchen, administration, and guest accommodation. 

Snuff Puppets Punch in Kinshasa