Scarey tells the story of a travelling troupe of puppets, their technical crew of skeletons and a group of exploited and neurotic humans who are a novelty act in the show. It’s a glimpse into a strange world, one that human beings are born into (birth) spend their lives onstage (life) and eventually disappear in a magic trick (death). Scarey examines the fragility of human existence where the question ‘Who creates God?’ is asked. Highly atmospheric and visually stimulating, there is no place in this freak show for drawing room niceties. At times the air is carbonated with excitement, curdled with fear, laden with foreboding. In the world of Scarey buffoonish skeletons rule, and the customary relationship between puppet and puppeteer is reversed.


Bath Puppet Festival, UK 2002 Salamanca Theatre, Hobart 1999 The Performance Space, Sydney 1996 Adelaide Fringe Festival, 1996 Art Rage Festival, Perth 1995 Dance House, Melbourne 1995


Original Creators: Pauline Cady, Daniell Flood, Andy Freer, Pete Humble, Angie Lee, Colin Sneezby, James Wilkinson

Collaborators: Sandra Ayache, Nick Barlow, Megan Cameron, Will Guthrie, Ian Pidd, Daniele Poidomani, KT Prescott,  Margie Medlin,  Lisa Trewin, Veenus Viktrixx