Snuff Puppets Mirabelle The Snail

The Snail is our resident foodie.

They maybe slow, but watch out because they are hungry and will try to munch on anything in their path.

Picnics, lunch boxes and unsuspecting children beware – Mirabelle’s liable to leave no basket unturned in the never-ending quest for lunch.

A keen visitor of farmers markets, food festivals, and gardening events.

A commission for Slow Food Melbourne, the Snail’s insatiable hunger, has taken them as far afield as Taiwan.

Tour History:

State Library Victoria, 2021
Queenscliff Music Festival, 2017
Taoyuan Agricultural Expo, Taiwan, 2017
City Of Dandenong, 2016
Adelaide Fringe, 2009
Big West Festival, 2013
Fed Square, 2009
Slow Food Melbourne, 2006


To book a Mirabelle please enquire at people (at)  

For technical requirements, please download the Snuff-Puppets-Roaming-Requirements PDF