Snuff Labb

snuff labbSnuff Labb is a creative laboratory for research and training where grand theatrical experiments with puppets, humans, artists, art forms, ideas, fantasies and obsessions collide and new possibilities manifest; where fresh pathways are discovered and free expression flows.

Snuff Labb is a capacity-building and artform development program that will train artists, bring in international expertise and provide much-needed pathways into our art form. In 2018 we delivered two Snuff Labbs, the first focusing on performance and play with an international Artist-In-Residence, Stefanie Oberhoff. The second was a PPP in the Drill Hall with local emerging artists and interns from VCA and Melbourne Polytechnic.

“We were encouraged to take risks and experiment and were provided with a safe environment to do so.” – Snuff Labb Participant

To join our call-out list for the next Snuff Labb, please email to introduce yourself and give a brief description of your artistic practice.

Snuff Labb 2017-2020 is funded by the Ian Potter Foundation.