Snuff Puppets or taxes? It’s end of financial year!

It’s the end of financial year and you know what that means: we’re asking you to give us your money (instead of to the tax man). We need your help so that we can do what we do best – over the next 18 months we’re creating a new Snuff Puppets work The Garden of Sorrows.

We’ve created our first prototype puppet, a giant Thylacine, which appeared at NGV Australia late last year. Now we need to raise $10,000 for the next stage. With your help we’ll build a whole new world of puppets based on John Hughes and Marco Luccio’s haunting book and illustrations and through an intensive Creative Puppet Lab our artists, puppeteers and puppets will explore their new world together.

Snuff Puppets is a registered charity which means all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

We celebrate creativity as an essential human need.
Every year we work with artists, community groups and people from all walks of life to tell their larger than life stories through giant puppets.
We take risks.
Our artistic program is ambitious and aims to make a profound impact on audiences. It takes a giant investment to create, build and breathe life in to every Snuff Puppet.
We support a team of individual artists and performers.
Snuff Puppets is a place for artists to grow, for ideas to evolve and for ambitious imagination to take flight.
We see things differently. We aim to challenge.
We are always a nuisance – poking fun, rebelling and irreverent. We reflect and challenge power with violent, sexy, vulgar disrespect.
We have new ideas. We collaborate.
We will soon be working on the next stage of creative development of our new work The Garden of Sorrows, collaborating with visual artist Marco Luccio and author John Hughes.
We do a lot on a little.
In 2015 we performed for over 100,000 people around the world and worked intensively with more than 300 community participants.

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