VIDEO: Everybody isolates!

The Human Body Parts have stopped touring due to the pandemic so we made a little video, Everybody Isolates.


Everybody Isolates has reached 2.5 million people on Facebook and is now enjoying exponential growth on Youtube.

Online reactions to the video:

So creatively incredible!! – Swoop Physical Theatre

Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen –  Sara Carr, Facebook

This explains everything right now  – Verne Ball, Facebook

 Best thing I’ve ever seen – Andrea Lee Norwood, Facebook

There is no limit to human imagination – Susan Roy, Facebook

What am I watching !!! Amazing – Rebecca Harrison, Facebook 

This is divine. Dali eat your heart out! – Pip Runciman, Facebook

I am still laughing I can’t hardly breathe – Carol Owens, Facebook

What the F?? We can’t get enough of this!! – Jared Levin, Facebook

I laughed so hard I had to use my inhaler! –  Beth Duncan, Facebook

I am much happier knowing this is in the world. – Velma Root, Facebook

I’m not religious but this is my religion now –  Kristy Vidamour, Facebook

My god…i want more of whatever the hell this is! – Blake Richard Long, Facebook

I would kill to be this talented at making stuff.  –  Candy Meadows-Daily, Facebook

Whoever these nutbars are…..I think I love them immensely! – Monika Welch, Facebook

I account for at least half of these views. Can we get a sequel? –  Daryn Bauer, Facebook 

This turns my tears into laughter thank you Snuff Puppets! – Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch, Facebook

I’m laughing so hard right now!!! It’s brilliant. I could watch an hour of that. – Dandelo Waters, Facebook

Super brilliant and creative. Just what we all need right now. Luv your work  –  Rose J Hodges, Instagram

I have NO idea why we, as a civilization, don’t spend ALL our time doing stuff like this instead of fighting wars and trading stocks. – Corbin Louis, Facebook