Snuff Clubb

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Snuff Clubb!

Tonight’s show promises to be a rollercoaster ride full of beauty, horror, love, hunger, sex and death.

This is where the unconscious becomes conscious and dreams, nightmares, reality and the surreal freely intermix in a cabaret club run off the rails.

You will see me, you will see yourselves and you will see our special guest stars Inside Out Man, Potato Lady, the French Pig, Hermaphodite, The Austrians, Tongue and Crystal the giant Slug in what can only be described as a debauched extravaganza of the extraordinary.”

For Presenters

Separate Snuff Clubb acts can be presented as single one-off acts or integrated into other performance programs. Or we can tailor something to suit your needs.

Venue: Indoors – Clubs, Cabarets, Small Theatres, Spiegel Tents etc.
Audience: Adults


Original Creators: Andy Freer, KT Prescott, Adam Peizchalski, Micky Lira, James Wilkinson, Jaquei Everett, Nick Barlow

Collaborators/Performers: Earl Rosas, Emma Bathgate, Starlady, Rosa Gonzalas, Merophi Carr, Adam Broinowski, Renato Vicaria, Erki, Andrew Tanner, Ian Pidd, Lally Katz, Stephane Hisler, Toni Smith, Jenny Hector, Daniell Flood