Snuff Clubb

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Snuff Clubb!

Tonight’s show promises to be a rollercoaster ride full of beauty, horror, love, hunger, sex and death.

Where the unconscious becomes conscious and dreams, nightmares, reality and the surreal freely intermix in a cabaret club run off the rails.

Special guest stars: Inside Out Man, Potato Lady, the French Pig, Hermaphodite, The Austrians, Tongue and Crystal the giant Slug in what can only be described as a debauched extravaganza of the extraordinary.


Original Creators: Andy Freer, KT Prescott, Adam Peizchalski, Micky Lira, James Wilkinson, Jaquei Everett, Nick Barlow

Collaborators/Performers: Earl Rosas, Emma Bathgate, Starlady, Rosa Gonzalas, Merophi Carr, Adam Broinowski, Renato Vicaria, Erki, Andrew Tanner, Ian Pidd, Lally Katz, Stephane Hisler, Toni Smith, Jenny Hector, Daniell Flood