Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson

Nick has been working with Snuff Puppets since 2006 as a Puppet Designer, Builder, workshop facilitator and Performer. He was Puppet Designer and Builder for our most recent production Everybody. He was the primary designer for Snuff Puppets’ National Gallery of Victoria’s commission of the Albrecht Dürer rhinoceros. In addition to his work with Snuff Puppets, Nick has also worked as Designer/Builder and Senior Crew for The Village Festival, presenting at Edinburgh Gardens, Falls Festivals and Canberra Centenary.

SHOWS: Wedhus Gembel, Snuff Club, Nyet Nyet’s Picnic, Forest in the Night, Dancing Cow Show
ROAMING: Human Body Parts, Boom Family, Seagulls, Kareem the Elephant
WORKSHOPS: LOHAS Festival, Taiwan; TCAF, Taipei; Herning, Denmark; ComeOut, Adelaide & Whyalla, Art Is…, Horsham; Fairfax Festival, Swan Hill; Mildura-Wentworth Arts Festival; Gertrude St Projection Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Rosalind Hall

Rosalind Hall

Rosalind Hall works with a multitude of sound technologies and instruments such as a modified saxophone, home made instruments, percussion, field recordings and processing software to create soundtrack, live music and performance work.  Rosalind performs with local experimental and improvisatory musicians such as David Brown and Jim Denley and releases solo and collaborative work independently and through labels Avant Whatever, Corpus Collosum Records, pan y rosas discos, Swarming Records and EcoSono.

Shows: Everybody, Wedhus Gembel, 21st Birthday Show


Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

Ryan is a performer-composer, improviser, teacher and sound designer. Ryan’s passion for the recorder has led him on a journey full of cross-artform collaboration, engaging performance and exciting improvisation.

Ryan studied with Ruth Wilkinson (University of Melbourne), Genevieve Lacey (Australia), Natasha Anderson (Australia/Berlin) and Jorge Isaac (Conservatorium van Amsterdam). Between 2013-15 Ryan recorded and released four albums of original music which includes his first solo album, Wanderings.

Ryan’s major performances include the production of Venus & Adonis with Bell Shakespeare, Everybody with Snuff Puppets and his own work Life As It Should Be with the cross-artform ensemble Any Kind Of Creature (Amsterdam) performed at the Antwerp Fringe Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Between 2012-14 Ryan was the Artistic Director of the Robert Exiner Recorder Festival in which he designed and implemented recorder workshops in schools as well as produced new performance works.

James Wilkinson - Sound Designer

James Wilkinson

James is a trombonist, sound engineer and composer and has been working with Snuff Puppets for over 15 years. He has Bachelor of Arts Degrees in television and sound production (CSU-R) and music performance (VCA). As a sound engineer James has worked for many other companies including Chunky Move, Kage, Company B and Polyglot. His performances overseas have included Gaueamus Festival (Holland), World Social Forum (Brazil), Yogyakarta Arts Festival (Indonesia), Daidogei World Cup (Japan) and the Singapore Arts Festival.

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