Snuff Puppets Swamp, a perosn covered in large white bones stands on top of a large inflatable mound covered in colourful projections

“Swamp… gigantic works of incredible art”– Artshub

SWAMP Рat the end of the world 

An oily primordial muck where life begins with blood and ends with ash.

Swamp is an immersive theatrical experience, with giant puppets, transforming sets, original music and huge projections.

Starring iconic Australian characters, brought to life in Snuff Puppets handmade style: 

A crafty Magpie;
A bloodthirsty Mosquito;
A dopey Koala;
An egocentric Lyrebird;
A skittish Frilled-Neck Lizard;
A grand old Thylacine;
A poisonous Cane Toad;
And a 22-meter Serpent ouroboros puppet devouring the cosmos.

"Blown away! Tremendous Political punch! Unforgettable!" -

Swamp premiered at Snuff Puppet’s Footscray Drill Hall to a sold out season in 2022.

The second Swamp season in September 2023 also sold out and received a 5 Star review.


SWAMP’S premiere supported by the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund, Australia Council for the Arts, Besen Family Foundation, Creative Victoria, Maribyrnong City Council & Purple Hen Winery